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Category = Broad segregation of data. Subcategory = Better grouping of data. Subcategory can also be referred as Lists. Change or select SubCategory when you want to search any info related to that. This info will be more collective and precise.

Give preference to click option to get info in a click. If you want to get exact data then instead of where to click you can directly type and search.

Too many results means more people or service providers in that list. We take many efforts to show relevant information on top. This will help you to get better service all the time.

We help users to get SMS or Email or Message directly to your mobile or inbox. Yu have to just click respective icons to do the same. This facility is free for all users.

Just add in Enquiry or send your requirements to us. Our team will provide solution to it. The Team will do search all info providers on behalf of you and communicate your info to them.

Click ‘New User’ or ‘Register’ with us. Submit all information related to your business or services. Refer ‘Benefits’ of adding your info with us. Our team will assist you all the time. Meanwhile you can also send your all info to us via email to support@Clicksin.com.

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Click ‘Incorrect Info’. Our team will analyse and update by calling to the respective clients. You can’t change any info directly. Updated data will take one working day to appear on our website. Click here add ‘New user’.

Free listing is registered by many clients without any investment with the company. Sponsored Listing is a paid form of advertising which allows businesses already listed at www.Clicksin.com and to receive enhanced placement and thus more users or enquiries. We show first sponsored listing alongwith with free listing at the end. Sponsored listing are having many benefits. Refer ‘Benefits’ for more details.

Our team will assist you for the updating all relevant info. They will also create websites, web pages, social accounts on Facebook, twitter etc. Team will also create Maps, Photos, Videos etc as per your requirements. Please contact our Team now to get maximum help. There will be separate quotation for the same service.

Every business listed on the Map Search Results page is assigned an alphabet visible as lettered orange squares. An alphabet corresponding to a business can be found beside that business listing in the left panel on search results page and at its location on the map. So, look for the same alphabet on the Map, to locate any business listed in the left panel.

After registering as User, you will be able to communicate with clients directly. This will save time and cost in calling and SMSing.
Refer many Benefits of registering as ‘User Benefits’ and as ‘Clients Benefits’ for more info.
Let all users find you anywhere, anytime.
Register for free and join the world infobank!
Attract new users and provide info to everybody.

No, you cannot have multiple accounts. You have to list as separate account alongwith respective mobile, email & password. We want to keep all info as accurate, genuine and more useful to users.

We wish to customize your info more accurately. For continuous update of your info we need your personal info like mobile, email, website. We take your birthday, anniversary for wishing you good news. We also inform everybody about your establishment year.

We respect the privacy of our customers and take all steps to keep your personal info confidential. Read our Privacy Policy for details.

For increasing customers info use below methods.
Get best membership plan available for you. Example Diamond plan will keep you always on top. It will also help to get all leads directly to you immediately.
Advertise with us to show your other information in the form of images along with heading. If anybody click on this we will divert to your website directly.
Try to select multiple subcategories or listings.
Try to register your branches as separate listing for accurate search options.
Register in different categories for better display. Also advertise on different categories. Example: People visiting Emergencies may also be interested in your services.

If you don’t have website or social accounts our team will definitely help you. Website and social network is now a days very essential part of marketing.

Login with your username & password. Go to Settings. You can update your info directly. Some info you cannot update for security reasons. If there are any errors then please send email to support@Clicksin.com.

Just send us an email (from registered email) to support@Clicksin.com specifying all details alongwith your mobile number.

You can improve the position of your listing by adding more and valuable information to your listing. Make sure to use relevant lists in your business' description so that it gets better position. Our lists or subcategories will allow to add as much information as you want for your business along with graphics. Ask your customers to submit ratings. Update maximum info like provide useful resources or download.

Please contact our membership department for details. You can send email to member@Clicksin.com for quick response.

It would take us 1 working day after you submit and update all info. We assure the info accurate and verify from third party also.

Yes, you can change the keywords for which you want to position your info once the program goes live. Just send email to support@Clicksin.com.>

www.Clicksin.com takes very seriously and takes every step to protect our members against ‘Report Incorrect’. Read our ‘Terms & Conditions’ for more info.

You can pay your bills by AC Pay cheque named ‘QIK Organization’.

www.Clicksin.com is having huge database of info from various cities in India. We update database regularly by getting from different sources. The Database has all the products or services and contact info of various organizations in operating. We help users in finding products/services and company names.